Empowering Utilities with technological innovation

The Company

Inspired to make an impact on the everyday lives of the masses, the founding team of Sinhal Udyog came together to foray into building trusted engineering solutions to ensure reliable access to quality energy for everyone, everywhere.

As one of India's fastest emerging Energy-tech startups, we research, conceptualize, design, and develop all our products 100% in India. While we take great pride in our Indian roots, we are determined to serve utilities worldwide with our tested and proven highly-competent products and services.

At Sinhal Udyog, we cultivate and uphold a culture of innovation, pioneering, and ownership. We think big and act on it. We are research-driven problem solvers with client success as our focal point.

Our History

We are a four-decade-long story of excellence, high performance, and innovation.

In 1982, the parent company, Crystal Group, was formed to bring to the masses trusted telecommunication solutions. Carrying the same genius, enterprise, and passion, we kickstarted Sinhal Udyog in 2011. The idea was just one, 'to enable utilities to distribute energy with more confidence and control to the farthest corners of India and the world.'

A decade and counting, we have designed some of the most trusted breakthroughs enabling the largest utilities in India to serve their customers more competently and reasonably.

Our Competencies

Sinhal Udyog has built an inspiring infrastructure to be the global pioneer in bringing technological innovation to the energy sector.

Research lab: Driven by passionate technocrats, we are essentially an innovation lab with raw entrepreneurship as our central pillar. Championed by the finest engineers and analysts, we leverage emerging technologies, data, and exhaustive research to create breakthrough solutions to empower utilities.

Manufacturing Unit: Powered by lean sigma, our manufacturing unit is one of India's most advanced state-of-the-art establishments. The entire unit functions in strict adherence to Lean Sigma with standardized SOPs, work instructions, and detailed documentation in place.

Keeping our commitment to a clean environment, we uphold strict checks on all kinds of pollution. Sinhal Udyog Manufacturing facility is a sustainable and scalable ecosystem that functions at the highest resourcefulness and efficiency.


Pioneer technological innovation towards optimized energy distribution.


Enable utilities worldwide to deliver reliable, secure, and sustainable energy to their customers by providing trusted tools while setting industry benchmarks for excellence in work ethics, company culture, and integral enterprise growth.

Our DNA:

Problem-Solvers: We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate leaders championed by our engineers, consultants, marketers, and researchers, who are constantly at work to find breakthroughs to solve the palpable industry challenges.

Customer-Success-Centric: All our efforts and endeavors are focused at helping our clients achieve success with their customers. Sinhal Udyog chooses to function as more than a service provider – We collaborate with you as your success partner.

Research-Driven: Data, insights, latest findings, innovations, improvisations, and analysis are instilled in the core of all our products and services – We seek to improvise today’s perfection for tomorrow’s excellence.

Technocrats: With a motto to empower utilities through advanced technological intervention, we zealously explore the unlimited scope of cutting-edge technologies with diligence and dynamism.

Our Timeline
  • 1982

    Crystal Group established for TeleCommunication Solutions.

  • 2011

    Crystal Group launches new entity for Smart Metering and solutions.

  • 2012

    Started Commerical Production

  • 2016

    Awarded APDCL Smart Grid Pilot Project for 14k meters (Among 14 project sanctioned accros India) - Our partner was Ericsson India .

  • 2018

    Manufactured 100,000 Smart Meters .

  • 2018

    Awarded IS 16444 BIS License, among first few companies .

  • 2019

    Awarded Assam Smart Grid Project for 134k Smart Meters .

  • 2022

    Awarded Assam Smart Grid Project for 200k Smart Meters

Core Values:

Futuristic: Build solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Perseverance: Don’t fear failure. Fear quitting.

Committed: Walk the extra mile.

Egalitarian: Together, we stand tall.

Sustainable: Hand off a better world to future generations.

Our Objective:

  • To make a positive impact on the everyday lives of masses.
  • To build cost-conscious, futuristic solutions that make the functioning of all the engaging entities more productive and hassle-free.
  • To bring to market products and services that are 100% conceptualized, designed, and developed in India.
  • To generate maximum employment opportunities.
  • To go global with our products and services.

Crystal, have been the pioneers in developing products and solutions covering entire spectrum of Smart Grid Metering and Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solutions in India.