Metering Infrastructure

Advanced metering infrastructure

Advanced metering infrastructure or AMI is an integrated network of systems comprising of smart meters, communication networks and data management systems.

AMI enables two-way communication between end-users and utilities which enable the utilities to fully monitor, control and manage the grid and its functions. Smart grid allows gathering and collection of power consumption data, usage patterns, outages, thefts, leakages and much more in near-real time.

There are various hardware and software components that make up the metering infrastructure. AMI plays a vital role in digitization of the grid, it encapsulates a series of systems that help garner data, and record it for further processing.

Some of the components that make up the AMI are Smart Meters, Communication Network, Meter Data Acquisition System, Meter Data Management System (MDMS).

Current Scenario and Solution

The existing power grid system in India was set-up in mid 1900s and is under tremendous pressure to match the constantly growing power demand because of its outdated mechanism of operation and poor infrastructure. India is the third largest electricity consumer in the world and with the world rapidly moving towards digital methods, the power demand is expected to soar multiple folds in the near future. Given the current infrastructure if not for smart solutions, India will soon face acute power shortage in the near future.
Crystal aims to integrate technology into the existing setup and uplift the system to be able to match the growing need of power. With its constant zeal for innovation, Crystal envisions to shape the horizon of the energy distribution sector in India.

The Modernized Grid

Grid metering graphic