Creating future-ready innovations for efficient consumption of Smart Electricity

Smart Grid is the Future

India stands third in energy consumption globally, right after China and the USA. Indeed, energy is the lifeblood of modern economies, and this need will only get dense in the future.

Smart grid technology allows the end consumers to monitor their ever-increasing energy consumption effectively and communicate with their concerned energy distribution companies regarding their bill payments and other grievances or choices.

A smart meter provides you access to high-quality, reliable, sustainable, and high-quality electricity. While also providing you the technology to readily measure, monitor, and control your energy consumption.

How is Sinhal Udyog helping?

Smart Energy technology constitutes four critical components:

-> Smart Meters
-> Communication Network
-> Data Concentrators
-> Central System

Sinhal Udyog is the first and, at the moment, only Indian Energy-tech startup to provide end-to-end 100% made in India RF-mesh-based AMI technology.

Our other Made in India innovations include:

Samaksh: An AI-enabled meter reader, considered one of the most efficient immediate solutions in the country today to check massive losses due to intended and unintended false meter reading challenges.

Yukti: A crew management application for utilities aiming to curtail the pointless operational expenses of the field staff, vehicles, and sundry machines and parts.

Tarang: Our DIN rail-mounted panel energy meter is a robust, cost-effective solution that measures key electricity parameters, primarily the individual harmonics, to read the power quality effectively.

Building energy-tech innovation and infrastructure that will robustly and sustainably support the increasing energy demand in households and industries of India and globally.