Smart metering for townships

Townships being massive places to manage come with a lot of aspects to look after. Crystal’s cutting edge solutions and advanced technology equipped devices strengthen the network of smart metering solutions. Operating and managing a township has a lot of costs involved and the managing companies are eyeing to put brakes on wastage to maintain efficiency.

Crystal’s smart metering devices and systems empower the managing companies to at least reduce their burden from the energy consumption and management department. Crystal’s smart meters for townships form an interconnected network of meters which are connected to control center hardware and DCU(s) which transmit the data via communication networks to the Host system which stores and channelizes the data into meaningful insights.

On the part of the managing company, smart meters are a boon and will reduce their workload by more than 50% in the energy management department. Crystal’s meters are highly advanced devices that offer high precision meter readings, separate readings for diesel generator and power supply, load limiting, analytics reporting, auto billing and much more. In a nut-shell, Crystal’s smart meters offer end-to-end power solutions for every associated party covering from utilities, township management companies to end-users.

Our software enables insights into power consumption patterns; helps pull the plug from leakages and thefts. This helps reduce wastage and increase efficiency in the business thus increasing profit.

Townships are the future of real estate and smart metering solutions will ease the process of managing power supply. Crystal being among the first few companies to be awarded IS 16444 BIS License (2018) offers an array of smart metering devices like Single Phase, Three Phase, Classic, Industrial and even tailored devices. Crystal features remote power consumption monitoring via an app at the click of a button. OTA updates will keep the meter intact throughout their lifetime of up to 20 years and it also supports up to 8 tariffs which makes the Crystal smart meters ready to embrace the future.

Smart metering for townships

Township metering graphic